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Excluding Egypt, Dubai is the most visited place in the Arab world. This cosmopolitan city has, at its centre of life, Islam. Tourists who visit the place, too, have to follow that way of life. But it is also one of the most developed and modern cities in the Middle East. One that is liberal in its treatment of its people. It was in the 1980s and early 1990s that Dubai took such a strategic turn as to allow people of all backgrounds, religions and mentalities to come and work there. Dubai’s liberal approach to immigrants has ensured that almost 80% of its population is people from other countries.


And now, it has excelled as a wonderful tourism spot. Beaches are as amazing as the deserts. Dubai receives millions of leisure and business travellers from around the world. Tourism has spurred investments in Dubai like it has in no other part of the world. Its rise to prominence can be seen in almost all areas – infrastructure, tourism, education, sports, business, entertainment as well as culture.


The deserts of Dubai are now the sources of entertainment. From desert safaris and golf tournament to Tennis and horse races, there are a lot of options for the average traveller to choose from. Even if you do not participate, you can still watch them.


The Burj Al Arab hotel and the Emirates Towers are two buildings of marvel. The former is seven-star hotel located in the posh area off Jumeira Beach. The Towers, at 350m, is the tallest building in the Middle East and Europe.

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